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Performance Management Made Simple

Its Starts Today....

PerformanceObjects: Employee Performance Management solution helps organizations execute more efficiently by offering:
- SaaS based solution that reduces time and money in managing performance appraisals, goal setting and employee development planning
- Streamline the efficiency it takes for employees and managers to complete the entire review process
- Align business goals with departmental and individual employee goals by utilizing cascading objectives
- Manage workflow of the performance planning and review process to suit your unique business needs
- Customize your review process down to the individual or job description level, unlimited amount of review templates available to suite your needs

Competency Based Assessments

Develop and Deploy Multiple Reviews

PerformanceObjects offers the flexibility required to develop performance assessments that will deliver the necessary result for business decisions. PerformanceObjects delivers built in competencies along with the capabilities of adding your own offering the ability to modify and select to suit any employees profile
•Expandable competency library
•Capabilities to develop multiple competency profiles to manage varying employee positions
•Flexibility in scoring competencies by grouping or indicators
•Ability to provide additional feedback per competency to back up score
•No scoring options, feedback only

Multi Rater - 360 Reviews

Select and Achieve 360 Degree Feedback

PerformanceObjects provides the ability for organizations to solicit feedback across all business units by utilizing our multirater/360 degree employee appraisal. With no additional module required only the selection of the multirater feedback, PerformanceObjects offers the best flexibility in delivering feed back to your organization.
•Ability to select an unlimited internal and external assessors
•Breakdown both internal and external scoring and feedback
•Managers have the ability to select and or delete assessors during a review cycle
•Ability to assign specific questions for internal or external assessors

Objective & Goal Management

Cascading Goals to Achieve Corporate Success

PerformanceObjects provides the insight for organizations to allow for overall corporate alignment of the goals with the flexibility of managing down through the manager employee structure. Strategically an organization can now realize complete corporate alignment of it vision for the upcoming year or years to come.
•Manage goals through organizational vision and strategy
•Flexibility to allow managers to assign, share or link goals to overall strategies
•Manage goal progress through fixed date check in or manager initiated feedback
•Allow for managers and employee to select goal completion dates and track progress

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